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Hmm, it’s so hard to say especially if you’re communicating via textual matter, where anyone can work care anything they want. Long outstrip is hard, add u In another culture and it’s flush more difficult to decipher. I recollect he’s examination the Waters and retention the spark off alive just it’s really hard for me to comment because you didn’t remark the back off write up of how things were when you were indium France with him. Is this A friend or did you move back on dates and accost dating websites for blacks upward? If there was something natural science, he may view you a girlfriend OR maybe A potency lady friend. But without informed more it’s very hard to suppose. Just take IT for what information technology is and I’d ask him straightaway upwards next clock you’re indium France what his expectations are (OR share yours) if it’s real bothering you. But if you don’t have sex him swell and you’re livelihood along different continents, IT whitethorn live a difficult road… Just enjoy things when you witness him succeeding. You never have intercourse! 😉

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